March 09, 2016




Core essence

O Henry was a famous short story writer. Imagine a writer writing hundreds of stories each with a dramatic twist at the end!

What would you say of such a writer?

And each twist is not for the twist, but shows a deep, sympathetic humanity and love and laughter and feelings of warmth.

O Henry had a childlike, innocent and beautiful mind. And the way he uses language was so humorous, warm and deeply touching the heart all at once!

Each of stories has that unity of language, warmth and finally the twist. You cry, laugh, feel good. They are the most feel good stories ever written. Yet they are shorn of silly sentiment yet, deeply mushy and full of feeling!! THAT was and is the art of O Henry.

His stories can be read again and again and they would work as anti depressant pills. They would give you that sense of goodness and bring out the deeply held innocence, the child-man, in you too!!

Works of O Henry