March 09, 2016




Core essence

There is only one author who has exposed the dark corner of man’s soul fully down to its roots. That author is Dostoevsky.

They are classic mysteries, and along with the brilliant plot twists, there is brilliant revelation of the evil in all of mankind, the beastly dark being, lurking within people and finding expression outside.

Dostoevesky brings that all out, his focus is maniacal and he misses nothing.

When you see Dostoevskian characters, you see the soul in the way it should not be, and thus you cleanse yourself. His effect is in the way of the negative, he teaches you how NOT to be and how you might be acting in self destruction.

Thus he is serious, morally profound and out to show the soul both in its light and the dark, usually dark!!

You come out of Dostoevsky entertained as you do in horror movies, but here real!! You are deeply entertained in a peculiarly intellectual way of discovering evil and you become wise and horrified , both!!

Dostoevsky remains unsurpassed in his depiction of the psychology of evil.

Works of Dostoevesky