Geography studies the earth, our only home which has all the conditions that support life. The study of the earth is fascinating and is very close to us. This subject deals with deep mysteries. How was our earth formed? How was it at the beginning? How did it become what it is now? What is the nature of the interior of the earth and how did we know about it without going inside? What are the causes of volcanoes and earthquakes? What is the reason for the climatic conditions on our earth? What is the nature of our atmosphere and what are the layers of the atmosphere?

When you study geography deeply, you will marvel at the delicate mechanisms by which all phenomena on and in earth take place and you will marvel at the beauty and magnificence of the earth. You will emerge rich with understanding of our wonderful collective home.

Formation of the Solar System

Differentiation of the Earth

Formation of oceans

Formation of Continents

Formation of Mountain Ranges

Inside the Earth






Rotation and Revolution

Solar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Great Rivers