October 10, 2015



Whether you are a working professional or a student, the above question is very important

Are you happy with your career?

Is it precious to you, meaningful to you?

Do you get up every day and want to rush to college/office and start the exciting day?

Do you feel a tightening in your belly when you think about your life and the great things that are going to happen to you?

Do you feel an unlimited energy and enthusiasm towards your career /field?

It us such a terrible tragedy that the above feelings towards one’s work are extremely rare. 99% of the people are caught up with their busy schedules and do not find the time, the space, the peace to think these things. 

Thus they are forced to become followers. They follow the crowd. And what does the crowd follow? They do a job –a good paying one by which they mean a little more than average pay scales. They marry and have kids. They follow all the conventions set by society, they work for respectability , a bank balance and in the process forget their deep, inner desires and actually needs. A strange fear settles in their soul, not fear of some real danger. It is more an insecurity about life. They know they have missed and are missing real living, they carry an undefined pain and guilt and they can’ t even identify that in themselves. 

They are now driven to work. Note this point. The motivating factor, the ruling factor in their lives is not love but fear. It is fear that makes them run, it is fear that makes them shut their minds to their true desires and needs, it is fear that pushes them to make friends 

They adjust to this life and they define themselves as much lesser than what they could have potentially been. 

Isn’t the above true?

Isn’t this the reality all around us?

Yet happiness is possible. Energy and enthusiasm are real. There are people like that, the true, great leaders who do live like that.

The key to the psychology of great leaders who are deeply happy ,who get a great kick out of life is NOT genius or intelligence; it is courage , daring and lack of fear.

They demonstrate a daring to examine, question the things society tells them .Them develop their own vision of their life. They do not blindly listen to others. They take as their role models not their immediate boring people, but great personalities .They suffer from no complexes, insecurities & fears!

Their attitude is: I want a great life. I will work hard for it. I will die if I do not achieve great things. I will find out, I will not, cannot (!) settle for less!”

You see ambition, true ambition, not narrow, limited ambition, dominates their imagination. 

In that process of thinking, fear vanishes. They too fear, feel insecure at times but fear is not in the driving seat. It has been thrown to the back seat; they hate fear, weakness and following others .They love their life and cannot even imagine less than the greatest life.

All of us, each and every one of us, have this true ambition deep and hidden in our hearts. But we adjust and agree to live by the demands made by the society around us because we become lonely, frustrated, pressured and develop deep fears. We are always carrying that baggage and never even for a moment, do we feel free, hence joyous.

So you see, dear reader, it is not your ability as such, or your potential that limits you but your own decision to live a limited life! Only that!

You can become happy and develop an unlimited ambition, energy and passion towards your career and life.

For that you must understand that you do not really have to live like that. There is nothing to lose but only to gain if you decide to live life the way you deeply and really want. 

Remember, dear reader, you are a human being , you are born for joy , you can say that you are good enough but it never becomes true and deep within you know it. The truth is that you are born for greatness and a joyous life.

It is more than possible, it is natural! Now do you see the tragedy, the real tragedy of the world? It is not poverty, terrorism, corruption, lack of values. It is this “shutting one’s mind “and limiting one’s life by coming to wrong conclusions.

Many people say the following one time or the other in their lives. 

“I am not talented. I am average “

“Greatness is not practical. After all I will starve if I think these things”

“Everybody is better than me and I can never be good. Great people are born. I am not brave .I am not like that”

“Why fight? What for? I want to be happy & adjust. I will lose nothing “

“Great people are special. Me? A genius? Oh no!”

“I am happy. I am fine “

“People will not give you a chance. You have to adjust & compromise”.

“Why should I bother? Who am I to change the world?”

“ I don’t love anything. What is love?”

This book will, hopefully, give you the clarity you need to truly understand life and liberate yourselves from the shackles- invisible but real- that society forces and influences you to carry. 

First we discuss true ambition and how to develop one foe yourself.

Then we make clear how you can be a great learner and blast the fallacy of “I am average. I am not talented”

Finally we show you how a VISION, a lifelong work emerges from true learning and how to implement it!!

Happy discovery!!