October 22, 2015




Dussehra festival is celebrated in India with the roots based on two events , both of which have been incorporated in the festival celebration. It is celebrated for the same reasons but in different ways in different parts of India. 

It is a time for holidays for all and the beautiful thing about India is the togetherness of people in celebrating festivals whatever the festival might be. 

It is a wonderful excuse for festivities, enjoyment, colorful dresses, visiting places, and above all a feeling of being together that can be electric and celebrative. 

The significance of Dussehra too is to be noted. It is the victory of Rama over the demon Ravana who had abducted the wife of Rama, that was Sita. Also Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahisasura. 

Thus both the interpretations mean the same thing at root in a symbolic sense. It is the victory of good over evil. The victory of good over evil is an exultant, triumphant feeling. The whole of human history is a tortuous journey of ups caused by good and downs caused by evil. When people win over the evil, they heave a sigh of relief, reaffirm their goodness and humanity and feel on top of the world. 

This is because being free is the most beautiful feeling, and a natural happiness . To be happy we MUST weed out the evil. That is our human function. Fight for the good by the good to end the evil is the watchword. And when that happens, there is and must be celebration.

The Dussehra is significant in our troubled and volatile times. Random and devious but extremely cunning leaders are taking the world straight to the dogs. We must hold the banner of the good, and never rest till we weed out the leaders who disrespect us and think they can rule us.

Who is evil? Anyone who has the impudence to think, that the common man is a fool. But as they say, do not underestimate the common man. Men can believe, but how long? Your game will be up…let us celebrate Dussehra and commit ourselves to the goodness of the good and kill without mercy all types of blind fanaticism, power lust that comes from hatred and envy.

Man is good, too good, if you let him be…let man win, let anyone who comes in the way through force realize that force will and must be met with force based on full moral right!!

Happy Dusshera to all men and women!! Jai ho!!