February 07, 2016

Role plays(Day 41 - 50)

Day 41 - 50

Role plays

Read the conversations below and practice with your partner two times

The Standard Expressions in English are highlighted.

1. Asking information about Train

Passenger : Excuse me sir!

Clerk : How may I help you?

Passenger : Could you please tell me when the Pinakini Express will arrive?

Clerk : It is running 2 hours late. It will arrive at 10.00 AM.

Passenger : Are there any other trains that go to Nellore?

Clerk : I’m sorry. But there aren’t any.

Passenger : On which platform will the Pinakini arrive?

Clerk : Platform number 4.

2. Getting Angry

Teacher : Bhavana! Why didn’t you submit your project?

Bhavana : I’m sorry ma’m. I didn’t get the time.

Teacher : Whom are you fooling Bhavana? You had the whole Sunday yesterday.

Bhavana : Ma’m, my relatives had come over.

Teacher : Don’t give me lame excuses! I am going to deduct all your marks.

Bhavana : Please ma’m give me another chance!

Teacher : No way! This is the limit. You are clearly taking me for a ride. It is final. Now leave me alone and let me work.

3. Making plans for a movie

Naresh : I’m feeling bored. How about a movie?

Baji : I don’t like movies. They don’t have good stories.

Naresh : A new English movie has come in town and everybody is saying it is fantastic.

Baji : Which one?

Naresh : Gulliver’s Travels.

Baji : Oh that’s a great book! I have read it.

Naresh : Yes and now they have made a movie out of it.

Baji : We must see it.

Naresh : It seems that the special effects are simply superb.

Baji : How about going for the first show today?

Naresh : Ok, I think we will get the tickets easily.

Baji : Be ready by 5. I will pick you up. We will have some snacks before the movie.

Naresh : Ok. I will wait for you. Bye then.

Baji : See you at 5.

4. Sharing feelings - Achievement

Sundhar has won the state level singing competition. After hearing news from the organizers he is very excited and goes to his best friend Aditya’s house to share the news.

Sundhar : Guess what! I won the state level singing competition.

Aditya : Wow, that’s great news. Congratulations. Let’s celebrate.

Sundhar : Sure. I’m so excited! I never thought I will actually win.

Aditya : But you worked hard for it and you deserve it. Have you informed everybody.

Sundhar : It is going to come in the news tomorrow in Hindu.

Aditya : Wow, that’s great!

5. Parting

Sudha : I have got some sad news to tell you.

Urmila : What’s it?

Sudha : My father has been transferred to Delhi. We will be leaving in two weeks.

Urmila : Oh no! That’s really sad news. I will miss you.

Sudha : I will miss you too. I am not able to believe that I will be actually leaving in two weeks.

Urmila : But don’t take it too negatively. It’s good to go to a big city like Delhi and you’ll make new friends there.

Sudha : But the thought of leaving you makes me feel very sad.

Urmila : We can always keep in touch through mail. We will always be friends.

Sudha : Yes we will .

6.Asking help

Keerthana : Hi Chaitu!

Chaitanya : Hi Keerti! When will you come back?

Keerthana : Just yesterday.

Chaitanya : How was your trip?

Keerthana : It was great. Kerala is truly a wonderful state. The nature is so peaceful there. I had a great time.

Chaitanya : I really envy you.

Keerthana : But I missed 15 days of school. Can you help me out with the topics I missed.

Chaitanya : Sure. Come to my house from tomorrow. We will do joint study for the final exams.

Keerthana : It such a blessing to have a friend like you.

Chaitanya : Come on! What are friends for?

7. Discussing the qualities of someone

(Shankar sir is new teacher in the school. Two students are discussing his qualities)

Ravi : Does Shankar sir come to your class also?

Rishi : Yes he does.

Ravi : Isn’t he a wonderful teacher!

Rishi : Oh yes! The way he explains Physics! Anybody can understand.

Ravi : And he so friendly!

Rishi : We are really lucky to have such a teacher.

8.Asking doubts?

Student : Maam, I didn’t complete the homework.

Teacher : Why?

Student : I didn’t understand the lesson maam.

Teacher : Why didn’t you clear your doubts in the class?

Student : My friends laugh at me maam.

Teacher : What did you mean? Is it wrong to ask doubts?

Student : I am sorry maam.

Teacher : What is your doubt?

9. Announcement in the Class

Student : (Entering another class for an announcement) Excuse me sir.

Teacher : Yes.

Student : I need to make an announcement.

Teacher : Go ahead.

Student : Those who want to participate in singing and painting competition must give their names to the coordinator. Thank you sir.

10. Getting Angry

Coordinator : What the hell are you doing here? (Student is loitering in the playground)

Student : I was told to go out of the class.

Coordinator : Why? And why aren’t you standing outside the class? Why are you roaming around here?

Student : I’m sorry sir.

Coordinator : Go, stand outside the class. By the way, why were you sent out of the class?

Student : I was looking out of the window.

Coordinator : You meet me in the break period.

11. Teacher gets angry

(in the class, everybody is shouting)

Teacher : Everybody keep quiet, why the hell are you shouting?

(the class become quiet)

Teacher : How many times have I told you to be silent when the teacher is in the class.

Students : Sorry sir.

Teacher : What do you mean by sorry? Everyday I tell you this.

12. Asking for ideas

Principal : Our students are good at studies but they need to improve in their communication skills.

Eng. Teacher : In what way can I help?

Principal : I want you to come out with some ideas about communication skills course that we can implement in our school.

Eng. Teacher : Ok. I’ll sleep over it.

Principal : You will have to take some extra classes.

Eng. Teacher : Sure, I don’t mind.

13. Afraid of exams

Class teacher: Why did you get less marks when you answer and participate so well in the class?

Student : I’m afraid of exams. During the exams I forget the answers to many questions.

Class teacher: I guess you need to take exams in a cool manner. Don’t take it too seriously. Relax and write your exams. It is not a life and death issue.

Student : Thank you sir. I will do that.

14. Asking money

Student 1 : Do you have any money on you? I need to have some snacks and I forgot to bring money.

Student 2 : I’m afraid my money just got over. Wait, I will ask somebody else.

(he gets some money)

Student 2 : Here it is.

Student 1 : Thanks a lot. I was really hungry.

15. Monitoring the class

Student 1 : How could you tell the class teacher that I’m not listening in the class? She complained to my dad.

Class monitor: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I had to say that because you really are not studying. Somebody needs to tell you.

Student 1 : Who are you to pass judgments? I can take care of myself.

Class monitor: Isn’t it true that you are neglecting your studies.

Student 1 : Mind your own business.

Class monitor: It is my job to take care of the class and I will do it.

16. Dropping studies

Maanas : Excuse me sir, I need to talk to you.

Class teacher: Yes, what is it Maanas?

Maanas : Sir, I have decided to stop studies. I’ve been detained in the 9th standard.

Class teacher: Have you lost your mind? Do you know how difficult is to survive without a proper education?

Maanas : But I am very weak in studies. I don’t understand anything.

Class teacher: Come on! You can improve. Anybody can improve. You call your dad and I will talk to him. We will make a plan for tuitions.

Maanas : Will tuition help?

Class teacher: I know a friend who gives an excellent tuitions. I will tell him to take personal care of you. Don’t decide in a hurry.

Maanas : Ok sir. Thank you sir.

17. Surprising news

Student 1 : You know what! Sudheer has got 95% marks in Maths.

Student 2 : What? I can’t believe it. He never scored more than 50%.

Student 1 : And even in Social he got 91%.

Student 2 : My goodness! What is the secret?

Student 1 : I heard that his Uncle is teaching him. He is a professor.

Student 2 : Wow! Sudheer is really lucky!

18. Meeting an old friend

Lokesh : Hi Tej.

Tej : Hi Lokesh.

Lokesh : You know what, I bumped into Krishna in the market an hour ago.

Tej : Oh really! What is he doing? Where is he studying?

Lokesh : He is living here. He is staying in Delhi.

Tej : Wow! That’s great. Why did he leave school suddenly?

Lokesh : It was a sudden transfer. He was very happy to see me today. He asked about you too.

Tej : How’s he doing in Delhi?

Lokesh : He is doing very good. He is the topper there too. We planned a movie today. We are meeting him in the evening today.

Tej : We will go to our favourite Kaamath hotel.

Lokesh : Yes. We will catch up on each other.

19. Trying to convince

Shankar : Why did you fight with Maanas?

Jagadish : He is a real pain in the neck.

Shankar : What really happened?

Jagadish : He keeps disturbing me in the class. Today the teacher thought I was doing the mischief.

Shankar : Come on! Forgive him. I will talk to him.

Jagadish : I don’t care about him anymore. He will not change.

Shankar : He is a nice guy at heart, he is only very naughty.

Jagadeesh : Unless he changes I am not going to talk to him.

20. Giving warning

Teacher : Where is Susheel?

Student : God knows. He has not yet come maam.

Teacher : How can he do that? The bell has rung 5 minutes ago.

Student : He is always like that. He roams around in the playground.

(Susheel comes in)

Teacher : Why the hell are you late?

Susheel : I’m sorry maam. I didn’t hear the bell ring.

Teacher : What do you mean, where were you?

Susheel : I was in the playground playing basketball.

Teacher : You must learn to come to class on time. This is the last warning.

Susheel : I’m really sorry maam. I won’t do it again.

21. Getting to know a new student

Prashanth : Hello, I’m Prasanth.

Sandeep : Hi, I’m Sandeep.

Prashanth : So, where are you from?

Sandeep : I am from Mumbai.

Prashanth : I am from Vizag itself. How comes you came from Mumbai to Vizag?

Sandeep : My dad got transferred. He works in the Steel Plant.

Prashanth : So, how do you find Vizag?

Sandeep : It’s a beautiful city. It is very calm and quiet unlike Mumbai.

Prashanth : Which school did you study in Mumbai?

Sandeep : I studied in DAV. How long have you been in this school?

Prashanth : Actually from L.K.G.

Sandeep : Oh I see!

Prahsanth : This school is nice. We have many extracurricular activities and the teachers are really friendly. You will see.

Sandeep : What games do you play?

Prashanth : I play cricket and badminton. In fact, I’m in the badminton team. What about you?

Sandeep : I’m afraid, I’m not a sports person. I’m the studious kind.

Prashanth : Oh! That’s great. Then you can help me in my studies.

Sandeep : Sure. Any time.

Prashanth : Do you speak Marathi at home?

Sandeep : Yes. And you will have to help me out with Telugu. Don’t worry you will pick it up.

Prashanth : There the bell rings. Come sit with me.

Sandeep : Thanks.

22. Asking advice to teacher about career after 10th

Avinash : May I come in, maam?

Teacher : Hi Avinash! Do come in. Please take your seat.

(Avinash sits.)

Teacher : So how did you do your exams?

Avinash : I did very well maam. I really want to thank you for all the effort you put in to make us perfect.

Teacher : That’s ok. So, what is your plan now?

Avinash : I’m still undecided. My parents are telling me to take up M.P.C in my +2. But I am more interested in Commerce. I’m a bit confused and I really need your advice.

Teacher : You are a good student and no matter what you take up, you will do well. But it is important in life to choose what you really are interested in.

Avinash : I have always been very interested in Commerce. Actually the real world of money fascinates me and I want to excel in it.

Teacher : I guess then you should go by your heart.

Avinash : But my parents still think conventionally. They want me to be an engineer like everybody else. I don’t want to hurt them and I don’t know how to convince them.

Teacher : You must understand that they have their own perspective. You must be patient and really talk to them and explain to them.

Avinash : Could you please talk to my parents. That will be a great help.

Teacher : Sure. I will do that.

Avinash : Ok maam. I will carry on now. I will tell my dad to call you. But first I will talk to him.

Teacher : All the very best and take care!

23. Counselling

Likith : Hey Sandeep! You look out of sorts. What is the matter?

Rahul : I got only 490 out of 600 in my board exams. I expected more.

Likith : It happens Rahul. But marks are not the end of the world.

Rahul : But I studied so hard! I feel so depressed.

Likith : Hey! You must not feel like that. There are always ups and downs in life. You must not let this be a final word on you.

Rahul : I know that but I feel so sad. All my friends scored more than me.

Likith : Trust me. In my engineering college, there are so many who got high marks in their tenth but have very little knowledge and talent in their fields now. You are different. You have a good understanding of Physics which many don’t.

Rahul : I know. Is it really ok?

Likith : Of course. It doesn’t matter much. Our director always says that in interviews they look at your personality and knowledge and more than marks.

Rahul : Thanks a lot Likith. I really feel much better now.

Likith : Don’t look back. Do well in life.

24. Realizing one’s mistake

When do you apologize? When you have done something wrong and you realize your mistake.

Father : Will you get your report card Sudheer?

Sudheer : I will. Here it is.

Father looks at it for sometime

Father : You got very low marks. Why didn’t you study?

Sudheer : I don’t like studies. I don’t understand my subjects.

Father : That’s because you don’t concentrate and don’t ask doubts. If you don’t ask doubts how will you learn?

Sudheer : I will try dad.

Father : That’s what you told me last time also and this time your marks are worse. Yet I know you are intelligent and if you concentrate you will score well.

Sudheer : I’m sorry dad. I will concentrate from now on.

Father : I am not convinced. Unless you realize the value of education, you will never concentrate.

The next day father and mother are talking and Sudheer overhears the following conversation.

Father : I’m worried about Sudheer. He is a great kid but somehow he is not getting the interest in studies. What will he do in the future?

Mother : Yes. He is always playing cricket. I never see him study.

Father : (Sadly) I think I will have to work harder and earn more money. So that Sudheer can be secure in the future.

The next day

Sudheer : Dad! I’ve realized my mistake. I’ve been very irresponsible. You have struggled so hard for me and I have given you nothing in return. From now things will be different. I will study hard.

Father : That’s my boy! I always knew you are special and one day you will realize. I’m so happy.

25. Complaints

Parent counselor calls the mother of Subhash to give a complaint about him. All three are present and seated.

Counselor : Good morning maam.

Parent : Good morning.

Counselor : I called you to talk about Subhash.

Parent : What is it?

Counselor : Actually Subhash is scoring very low marks as you know. In the 4th assessment he got only 30%. If he continues this way he will have to be detained.

Parent : Oh! Actually he is a dull student. But this year in the 10th class, he has become worse. But he is good at everything else.

Counselor : Yes, that’s what makes me sad. He is a very nice boy and very friendly. He never gossips and he always quiet. But for some reason, he has no interest in studies.

Parent : What should we do?

Counselor : We have got a new class teacher and I will call him now. He says he has got a solution.

Parent : Oh! That will be a great help.

(Naresh, the class teacher called and he is seated)

Counselor : This is Mr.Naresh and he is Subhash’s class teacher. This is Subhash’s mother.

Parent : Hello.

Naresh : Hello.

Counselor : I informed madam about Subhash’s academic performance and I called you to give some suggestions.

Naresh : I have studied Subhash’s answer papers carefully in all subjects. He doesn’t have any problem. I’ve also talked to him. But the problem is he missed out on basics in the lower classes. His grammar is poor, he is not confident in even calculations etc.

Parent : What do you suggest? Can we do something now?

Naresh : There is always something that we can do. He needs to go back to the lower classes and get his basics through extra classes. I have designed the syllabus and talked to his teachers. But he needs to stay back in school for an hour extra.

Parent : Oh! I’m so thankful to you! If Subhash can be improved I don’t want anything else!

Naresh : It is my duty and I will ensure that he clears his board exam. On your part, please encourage him.

Parent : Sure, I will do that.

Counselor : So that’s it. Tomorrow we will begin the extra classes.


This brings us to the end but for you this should be the beginning. You have understood how English is constructed. You have seen the English structure in various contexts. By now, we are sure you know what is the correct form of English. You also have learnt expressions and vocabulary. That is needed for effective written and spoken English.

Now you must go on from here and do lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of listening and watching. You must become better and better with each day. You will reach the day when you have an absolute command on English and this foundation will always stay with you and actually will get strengthened.

Happy learning...!