February 03, 2016

Simple Past Tense – Positive Sentences(DAY-11)

Simple Past Tense – Positive Sentences

Simple past tense talks about actions that are over.
I went ( v2) to the market
I played cricket yesterday
I went to the movie last Sunday
My uncle came last year to my house
Exercise – 1
Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure.
  1. I went to the market.
  2. He failed in the exam.
  3. They brought flowers for me.
  4. She came to the school by 9’O clock.
  5. Rama killed Ravana.
  6. The Government changed the syllabus.
  7. I parked my bike.
  8. Mounika saw a snake.
  9. I forgot my marks.
  10. They printed some books.
  11. We followed our Principal.
  12. Pavan crossed a bridge.
  13. Teja counted the numbers.
  14. I combed my hair.
  15. The policmen caught the thief.
  16. Valmiki wrote the Ramayana.
  17. I read the news paper today morning.
  18. I heard a big noise.
  19. Shahjahan built Tajmahal.
  20. Balaji bought a new dress yesterday.
  21. Harsha spoke to her manager yesterday.
  22. She accepted my proposal.
  23. He shouted at her subordinates.
  24. I received a message.
  25. The thief entered into the house.
Exercise – 2
Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure.
  1. I, stand, in the busstop.
  2. I, complete, the given work.
  3. He, buy, a new mobile.
  4. She, get, 1st rank.
  5. He, park, his bike there.
  6. Chiranjeevi, act, in the movies.
  7. He, draw, a picture.
  8. I, speak good words yesterday.
  9. The snake, crawl, on the floor.
  10. They, dig, a well.
  11. You, fai in the exam last year.
  12. She, drink, some water.
  13. I, fell, very happy.
  14. The bird, fly, from the nest.
  15. Hero, fight, with villain in the movie.
  16. I, keep, a book on the table.
  17. They, kneel, a book on the table.
  18. Ravi, dealt, the matter.
  19. I, spend, more money on my house.
  20. Attender, stick, a notice on the notice board.
  21. Uma, sit, on the bench.
  22. She, smell, the biryani.
  23. Indian, win, the match.
  24. I, teach, Physics.
  25. She, cry, very much yesterday.
Exercise – 3
Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.