February 03, 2016

Simple Present Tense – Negative Questions(DAY-9)

Simple Present Tense – Negative Questions

For simple present tense negative questions we bring ‘don’t’ or ‘doesn’t’ before the subject.

I don’t go to the market.

Don’t I go to the market?

He doesn’t go to the market.

Doesn’t he go to the market?

They don’t go to the market.

Don’t they go to the market?

Exercise – 1

Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure. 

Don’t they come with him?
Doesn’t he drink tea?
Don’t you have the patience?
Doesn’t he know about that?
Don’t they go for a walk?
Don’t you have the sense?
Doesn’t he fail in the exams?
Don’t they park their bike?
Don’t they come to the school?
Don’t they accept you?
Don’t you comb your hair?
Doesn’t the policemen take bribes?
Don’t you buy a new car every year?
Doesn’t he start a new business every year?
Don’t you construct a house every six months?
Doesn’t he teach mathematics?
Doesn’t she bring flowers?
Doesn’t your father scold you?
Doesn’t Ravi clean his room?
Doesn’t Rani walk fast?
Don’t you follow me?
Don’t you sing a song?
Doesn’t he eat mangoes?
Doesn’t Raju give money?
Doesn’t she wash the clothes?

Exercise – 2

Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure.
They not ask anything?
You not plant the plants?
We not dance?
I not ride the horse?
You not sit quietly?
We not visit the temple?
They not call me?
He not refuse our appeal?
We not observe those things?
They not paint the walls?
We not support you?
You not shut your mouth?
I not jump from here?
Tarun not enjoy music?
Uma not read newspaper?
He not study novels?
Shafi not copy from your book?
Raja not disturb you?
Ravi not laugh?
He not love kids?
You not use your mind?
He not suspect you?
They not tease you?
You not bow your head?

Exercise – 3

Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.