March 27, 2016



We watch Virat Kohli playing, 

And we watch a phenomenon,

Those eyes that look at the ball are not eyes,

But something sharpened beyond limits,

The ball becomes slow, big, time stops, 

The split second is stretched and 

He seems to have all the time in the world, 

And the hands and the legs spring into action

With a stroke play that seems like child’s play, 

And the runs move on as if it is nothing to him!!

And it IS nothing to him, light and easy, 

Lot of fun and full of joy, to exercise the power 

And the sheer passion!!

Born with that super duper brain and body, 

An exquisite being who honed his talent 

With hours, days, months and years 

Of practicing and makes it all look like the 

Most elementary thing, the happiest thing!!

Thus a nature that is light, easy, happy, 

This moment and a sheer treat to watch!!

So many matches he has won for India, 

Each a brilliant display of fireworks 

From that miraculous brain, hand, 

Body and eyes combination!!

Thus he is a hero not just in cricket, 

But an inspiration to all. 

He makes us feel, that we too can be him, 

That we should be like him, he is an icon, 

And shows what is needed for brilliance , 

Joyous living and Success!!

Passion to perform and learn, 

Grit to hold on when all else are gone, 

Focus to put the countless hours 

In service of one’s love, 

Working with others to share the passion, 

Finding joy, meaning, and thrill 

From the game of life, 

Character to take slip ups in his stride, 

To play for the joy of playing, 

Not for name, position or money…

And much more…

Virat is thus a man, a power and 

We need to learn that, and 

We do, all of us die hard fans..

We too have a Virat in us and that 

Gets released every time he plays…

That is why we cheer, we cry and 

We laugh in freedom…it is the hero in us 

That we see in him!!

God bless the power machine, our own Virat Kohli!!!