August 02, 2018




Love for a thing – not a person, but a thing is a rare thing. You can love a thing. It is not a career or a profession but truly, really – love. One can be mad about something. One always thinks about that, dreams about it, one is lost in it.

Ambition naturally flows from such a person. In fact his desires are limitless and don’t have boundaries. He is really like a person for whom his work is the very meaning, the spring, the source of his life.

How does such an ambition come about? What is it about a person who falls in love, becomes mad about something. All great leaders are like that, what drives them? What are they really made of?

I have a belief that we were all like that? Look at a child – the way he explores the world, the unshackled brain of his which absorbs, reacts, feels, the total sensitivity, the sheer charm of a young one.

I believe there is that thing within us all. Our real self actually wants it but it is hidden not unknown, not tested, not given a chance.

We feel at moments – we want to do something great, be great, we look at successful people, we admire them, we secretly feel we want to be like that… but we kill it. Why? Because of circumstances, practicality – we say. Destiny – we say.

But the truth is that we know that a limited life – an average job, marriage, kids is not really what are want.

We all don’t want that. But the problem is we don’t really know, what we want. Why?

That’s because nothing happened to us in a literal sense. We want through a whole life of learning and nothing happened?

We learnt so many subjects but none of them excited us BECAUSE WE NEVER UNDERSTOOD IT IN A REAL SENSE.

Of course we wrote exams, we finished syllabus, we gathered all the information BUT we never understood its MEANING, IMPLICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS. There is no insight. Hence our spirit is not excited, thrilled, awakened. You understand? It doesn’t mean anything to us. Why should I learn this? And no answer exists to that important crucial life sustaining question.

For example in Geography we learn about, say, eclipses but that phenomenon is not linked to things – it is not made real, wondrous….  no photographs are shown of a day becoming night the reality of the phenomenon is obscured.. it is not seen and felt.. but suppose you learn like that, the learning strikes deep, an indelible impression mixed with feeling is left in the mind and heart. If this process goes in you are AWAKENED from your dull and dead and limited and delimited narrow understanding.

The process goes on… you are released.. you become a child again! And you want to know everything… and at once!

A great leader is one who saw, who felt, who suddenly understood – with his own eyes and mind… he suddenly discovered that he is really can know, he then feels powerful – because he understood, it is his and he feels actually very solemn and precious about it.

To know is the greatest thing – to really know. To love learning is the essence and core of life! To love learning is also try out things, to use it… to know is at once to see its applications and they are infinite.

Knowledge, Vision and a lifelong mission, are one and inseparable!

To know something and not to know what to do next is to not – really – to know!

Then one can only go by the fashions of the day! Then one becomes part of the crowd……. Never having discovered what one really wants, loves……no meaning – and hence no real, precious joy… no quiet silence… no aloneness…. no adventure… nothing but a dead routine … and a superficial busy and active life.

To live life, we must wake up and open one’s eyes to the world and once to do that is to realize a staggering fact… there are a hundred things to do… and life is actually infinite!