August 02, 2018




Romantic love is a profound thing, the deepest, the fullest one can feel.

It is an electric thing – passionate, trembling, infinite.

What is that infinitude? Why is that infinitude?

Life is a process of acquiring fundamental values of character to enable us fully and joyously to act out our plan of life.

Life is purposive. Purpose is central to a man’s or a woman’s character. Purpose is that choice, fundamental choice that rules a man, drives a man, fulfills a man essentially psychologically but also physically (in that he earns his living by that)

A central purpose gives meaning to man’s life, integrates his life, is synonymous with life.

A purposeless life is not life and is as close to death as a man can come.

What is involved in a life of purpose? Purpose is a passion that is a profound grounding, an exultant security, for a man. It defines him, so to speak, and provides a wholeness and long range activity to him.

In that sense, it is purpose that makes him take birth as man. Once a purpose is deeply felt, and committed to, man is free!

There is no other thought then, no drifting, no running, no pursuit of blind, mindless values….

It is purpose that makes a man rise above the conventional world- the world that runs amok, sightless creatures following rules set by others , with no real passion, a robotism that is swallowing the world, no individuality, hence no character, no ground within the being…

With a purpose, man is free, detached from the conventional world. Yet it is he who creates, preserves, gives meaning to the world.

Purpose is hence naturally, obviously joyous because a man with a purpose has roots, deep roots to live on earth.

It is purpose that gives courage, energy, enthusiasm…

A man of purpose, a man who has essentially defined his identity, given complete meaning to life in thought and action is a passionate man.

He has a tremendous feeling for life. When such a man meets another with the same kind of deep grounding in a great purpose, the result is electric, passionate, trembling, filled with an infinite, deep ecstasy.

Why is it so?

It is a confirmation not in his mind but in front of him, objectified.

It is as if by some miracle, he can touch his purpose, touch his life, feel life by touch, sight, by his senses. It is as if a being comes and says- I am you, see me, hold me to feel yourself. You are hidden but I have brought the hidden in you out as I embody you.

You see, we live in our minds but reality is not in the mind but out there. A purpose satisfies one but we also need to, if such a miracle could be wrought, SEE the meaning of our purpose. Another human being has got the power to give us that on various levels.

Just to see the same purpose in another brings out the deepest confirmation without thought, filling us with a single, overwhelming feeling- ROMANTIC LOVE.

It is an intimacy, the “I” that we are finding a way by which it can see feel, touch, not another physical body but a concrete form and vision of his deepest grounding and foundation.

It is really a simple feeling- deep, infinite, serene and yet violent, tense, trembling. It is a union of thought and sense.

Sex hence is the most intense feeling one can feel. You can while making love, actually find the greatest blessing, because your purpose, your foundation and grounding has acquired more than a sensory value, it has become linked with pleasure.

It is a gift, a natural capacity, inborn, ingrained. To touch, feel and find a pleasure in such a way that one’s values are being confirmed. The feeling is – Yes! Yes! Yes!

It is a trembling ‘yes’ to life, to existence, to the inherent benevolence of being. It is a glorious thing and it is hence, the greatest sin to deny its meaning, its fulfilling potential, its grace, its ecstasy.