August 02, 2018




Marriages are made in heaven
I look at her (my wife)
and I realize that
I need to prove nothing.
She is more than mine,
she is me.

She tells me often
that she can’t say ‘I love you’.
How can I say ‘I love you’
to myself she protests
and it is true.

She is sweet, too sweet.
My doubts, loneliness, fear
dissolves in her simple love.
I smile at  the simplicity
in wonder, in pure happiness.

A God must exist
I sometimes feel
for the serendipitous event
of bringing us together
and making us one in life.

One day she tells me,
as an obvious fact,
we’ll be one in death too…..
I have nothing to say
became it is true.
We are one.

She is my conscience too.
She criticizes, in the
way only she can,
completely understanding
and yet giving me
letting me be my best
and ensuring I make no error…

She has made a
better man of me
than I was
She lets me, giving me space
to be one and in touch always
with my true, real self…

Life is so real, true
simple and hence
beautiful, profound,
grand, deeply joyous with her…

Love can be a
pinnacle and we are that proof…

Oh! My dearest, my only one…
Life is such a blessing,
such a sweet union,
such a completion
because you are me…

We hungrily reach for each other
almost all the time…
Untroubled, calm, serene and
yet violent, ecstatic, tense…

Two souls attracting
like powerful magnets
and never ever reaching
the limit of consummation.

Your kisses, your caresses
transform physicality
into something magical –
A pure state of extreme joy…

We laugh, we look,
in incredible wonder,
it takes time to accept too…
So much happiness is unknown,
seems unreal, yet it is
real, possible, ours, forever…