August 27, 2018



FOR CENTURIES, Man had wondered about his nature, what he is actually, in fact, in reality. He was a being who had come into being. NOW, this question confronted Man- what am I?

In his blind state, he posited a supernatural being/state/dimension that THEN seemed natural, and almost inevitable. This supernatural being that man called GOD, also seemed to overpower man, in a slavery of blindness. It took centuries for man to break his own self made shackles. It was not until the age of the Enlightenment that Man broke free, with reason, and reality- with the sense that this world is actually all there is, and that he is FREE to explore anything, THINK and know, discover the secrets. Man understood his own powers, and thus he expressed everything within and without in poetry, literature, paintings, music, his own sense of life, that now could really SEE. His visions came as breakthroughs within and without, his own inner self, and his new found joy. He SAW with wonder and fascination, the inner and outer world, with a nakedness, freedom, and starkness hitherto unknown.

Such a profound movement was really ROMANTICISM!! It is purely an expression of MAN!! Man is the center, and his being is all there is, this world that he perceived was his station and he was FREE to examine as deeply and as clearly as he wanted!!

Romanticism is truly Man having been born again and come of age!!