May 17, 2020



Master Advanced Physics 
(For all Top Exams) 

Video – 1 
Kinematics – 1 

Statics – 

Study of bodies when not in motion 

Kinematics – 

Study of bodies when in motion but without considering the forces and the causes of motion 

Dynamics – 

Study of motion of bodies while considering the forces 

Rest and motion 

Motion in one Dimension 

Motion in 2 Dimensions 

Motion in 3 Dimensions 

Distance and Displacement 

Distance is the actual distance traveled by a body 

Displacement is the shortest / straight line distance covered by a body 

Speed and Velocity – 

Speed is distance covered in one second 

Velocity is displacement covered in one second 

Speed = d / t ……. Velocity = S / t 

Average speed and instantaneous speed 

Average speed = TOTAL distance / Total time 

Instantaneous speed is exactly speed at that point/moment of time 

Average velocity and Instantaneous velocity – 

Average Velocity = TOTAL displacement / Total time 

Instantaneous Velocity is exactly velocity at that point/moment of time 

Uniform motion in a straight line 

Position time graph 

Velocity time graph

Position time graph 

Velocity time graph