March 18, 2021



There is a great quotation of Gandhi and all human beings should strive to do exactly what he said. The quotation is....... 

‘Happiness is when, what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” What a quotation this is!!

What a statement of integrity and completely truthful living. Living is an uphill task, not at all a bed of roses. What makes the task uphill is not some danger or real difficulty or problem, but the madness and conditioning of the world that is thrust upon us from day 1 of our life. We are all told lies, we learn to lie and to behave in contradiction to what we are from childhood…and we do not even know that we are becoming like that. And then we become like the mass, a herd following senseless beliefs that are not rooted in reason and that make no sense. But life is simple at root, if you are honest to the core, and then only then we get the result. The result is that pure state of being and the emotion is –deep, rich happiness and serenity!!

Look at the quote, what we think, say and do should be in harmony…is this not true? After all why should we think something, then hide it and say something else, and then do something else? You understand? What does that mean? It means we are afraid to think our own thoughts, and even when we think, we are afraid to say it, and even when we say it, we cannot act upon it… Who has taken that courage away from us? What has happened to all of us as humans, that we cannot even think? Who has told us to wear chains when none of us want to wear them? How, when, where, what, why?? This is the research we need to do, this is the question we need to ask, we need to clear our mind , of all rubbish and finally we should think, say and do the same thing as a great flowing river, with no dividing line…that is the happiness of life, natural, simple and our birthright… That is the beauty of that great quotation from a man who striven with all his mind and heart to live the truth…....