May 11, 2022




**I envy the poet. He is encouraged toward drunkenness and wallows with nubile wenches while the painter must endure wretchedness and pain for his art.

**A painting is finished when the artist says it is finished. But his faith is a faith that to him is real, and it is a faith, in my judgement, that sustained him through the hard times in his life.

**Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, excesses or kindnesses.

**A painting is complete when it has the shadows of a god. 

**Choose only one master – Nature. 

**Sincerity is the eventual deception of all great men.

**For in these two paintings the greatest and most natural movement has been expressed, which is also the main reason why they have taken so long to execute.

**Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God. Of course you will say that I ought to be practical and ought to try and paint the way they want me to paint. Well, I will tell you a secret. I have tried and I have tried very hard, but I can't do it. I just can't do it! And that is why I am just a little crazy.

**Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.

**Try to put well in practice what you already know; and in so doing, you will in good time, discover the hidden things which you now inquire about. Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know. A painting is not made to be sniffed.