June 08, 2022





Suraj loved women. He simply saw women and really, deeply, truly, passionately and achingly loved them. It was strange, and there was no woman who would not submit to him. It was not really womanizing. It wa simply loving and making love that had become simple and oneness, with the other.

And it was hence, always one night or a few nights stands. He loved, and he made love, and he simply left. It was no dependence of any kind. The women loved it, then, at that moment, and later forgot, until, he would do it, if circumstances allowed, they felt his love in their bodies and not so much in their minds, and they simply surrendered, as woman, in the sexual encounters. He felt too much, as if she was a goddess, and in that moment and time, she was and both ascended to heaven, and they forgot it, but he didn’t and since he knew them, he let that fact be…

Life went on for this strange DON JUAN. He was actually a physicist, living alone, maverick like, and he would write amazing papers, and he was a doctorate and professor, at Andhra University, Vizag. He loved the city, as it had wild places, and sea spots, where he would spend endless hours, contemplating the universe, and writing his incredible journal articles, in Phsyics, full of depth, insight, and startling hypotheses, in multiple areas!!

He was well known, but preferred to stay away from too much “involvement” in university affairs. His teaching too was simple and straight forward. And those who listened to him, got him, and most didn’t. He was not a popular teacher.

His other passion and obsession was women. He would always wonder at the OTHER…he could never ever take for granted the bliss, each woman gave him, and he could not cease to worship them. But he knew they could understand very little…until one day…

That day…

Suraj was sitting at the beach. and he suddenly saw 5 women swimming in their bikinis, in the sea, at an isolated wild spot. He watched, they were foreigners, but they had a grace, and beauty about their i bodies. He guessed they must be the more classy type. When they came back and rested under their umbrellas, he approached them. They took to him instantly.

He liked all of them, but there was one, who caught his eye. She was too deep, in her looks, in her bearing, her strange innocence, and she was an artist and very passionate.

That night he had one of the women, and it was very passionate and both got attached too. Because it was more conscious. Yet, the next days he had the others too, except that one whom he liked the most.

It was really a funny situation, new for him, kind of painful too, too much too, to love 4 women!!

They had come for an extended stay, for various studies, and had took his help too for their research. Only the fifth one, Sarah, had simply come to paint the seas.

As time passed, suddenly one day, Suraj, fell in love, first time, really, badly, and achingly, yet peace fully. And it was with Sarah. But he had had already a foursome with her four friends. She said plainly, she didn’t like that part of his. He understood.

But a strange thing happened. He could not think of the other four, or…anybody from then on, after that day of the rejected proposal. It surprised him…and it was suffering, very deep and tough to handle.

And the day, came when they were leaving, all in tears. But Suraj’s tears were worst. He could not even understand it…

And suddenly he slid into a depression….it lasted for 2 years…

The Don Juan, was back again, after that, and Sarah,, was accepted and hopelessly, loved, one sided in him. He had kept in touch with all 5. They were his best friends. One day, he got the news, of Sarah getting married. That day, he understood, why people kill for jealousy. But he was free…he managed.

Years passed. And one day, he met another “sarah”. Well that is another story. But you would know what happened. And well, as they say, he lived happily ever after, and ,more..he finally did research, on love, and deepest passion, and deepest oneness, with ONE!!