February 03, 2016

Simple Present Tense – Positive Questions(DAY-8)

Simple Present Tense – Positive Questions
Let us now come to the simple present tense how do we make questions?
I go to the market everyday.
Do I go the market everyday?

He goes to the market everyday.
Does he go to the market everyday?

They go to the market everyday.
Do they go to the market everyday?

So, we bring the ‘do’ or ‘does’ before the subject.
For ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’ we use for everything else we use ‘do’.
Exercise – 1
Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure.
  1. Do you drink water?
  2. Does he get up early?
  3. Do you know about him?
  4. Does she get up early?
  5. Does the Sun rise on the East?
  6. Does the Sun set on the West?
  7. Do you have sense?
  8. Do you go for a walk?
  9. Do you come with me?
  10. Do our leaders develop the country?
  11. Do you drink tea?
  12. Does it get hotter as we fly higher?
  13. Does eating sweets make me fat?
  14. Do you use your mind?
  15. Do you come to the market?
  16. Does Ram stay in the hostel?
  17. Do you like mangoes?
  18. Do you cut your hair?
  19. Does he sing a song?
  20. Do we start now?
  21. Do they watch T.V.?
  22. Do you sell these flowers?
  23. Do they run?
  24. Does Revathi bring vegetables?
  25. Does Krishna help his parents?
Exercise – 2
Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure.
  1. The, parallel lines, meet?
  2. Our, views, coincide?
  3. They, construct, buildings?
  4. He, built, confidence, in the children?
  5. He, fail, in the exam?
  6. They, deceive, you?
  7. You, follow, me?
  8. You, have, any, knowledge, about Physics?
  9. Three line, segments, form, a triangle?
  10. The, flowers, attract, butterflies?
  11. He, exhibit, his talent?
  12. He, pay, the fee?
  13. She, bring, money?
  14. You, act, in the movies?
  15. Salt, dissolve, in water?
  16. It, indicate, anything?
  17. Ravi, care for, his marks?
  18. You, like, me?
  19. It, come, to its, original, position?
  20. He, complete, the syllabus?
  21. You, know, about chemistry?
  22. The Earth, revolve, around the Sun?
  23. The planets, rotate, on their, own axis?
  24. The, hens, fly?
  25. They, conduct, exams?
Exercise – 3
Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.