Great Stories

Appreciating Great Stories

This section is designed for those who want to develop their English to an Advanced level. What constitutes Advanced English?

There are many who speak and write English but there are a few who have a good vocabulary and are skilled at comprehending any type of reading. Such people also speak stylishly and beautifully.

This kind of a person has spent time in reading advanced English material. Over a period of time, he has acquired all the important advanced English vocabulary which has become his own. He has also become comfortable in reading difficult types of stories, essays and books. He has actually gone beyond the average English that most people have and developed a love for the language.

Such a person also has opened his mind to different ideas and has become sensitive. Obviously a person like this would do well in life. No matter what field he chooses, he would emerge as a leader.

This section is a start towards becoming good at Advanced English and I hope it will help you in your life in a big way.

We have presented stories which are among the greatest ever written. Each story will definitely bring about a deep appreciation of life and ideas. There is a section where we have given the meaning and small narration to all the important words covered in each story. This will help you to feel the words and notice them in further reading and to also use them on your own.

We hope you will find this section engaging, entertaining and enriching.