October 13, 2015




Remember, every field begs for work, for innovation, for somebody to pick up new ideas and bring into existence what was not there. This can be in any field. No field is small! 

There are literally thousands of ideas waiting to be implemented and nobody to implement them! That is the tragedy – the lack of supply of true workers, true learners, true human beings. 

Yet, at the end, it is SIMPLE, POSSIBLE, REAL. 

You learn, you see things and then you see that so many things can be brought into existence by your knowledge and then you fall In love and continuously work to achieve your vision. 

Yes, there will be hurdles – many of them. A new vision as a rule is unacceptable immediately. But a visionary start working. He works all the time and doesn’t wait for big success. Hence he gets it! 

You must ACT, you must start working because you love it and then it spreads and spreads. Why? Because it is true, practical, a value. A true value will, in time, be accepted. A visionary is not worried about success. He knows he cannot fail. He only has to wait. If not today, tomorrow he has to win. 

This is a very important point. 

A visionary does not think about succeeding, he need not, because what he has seen ( to him ) cannot fail; he has seen it, if today the world cannot understand , tomorrow they have to . Why? Because it is true and everyone needs it. So one day he wins. And he is not surprised! 

He does not suffer, not really, deeply because he has seen and he is working. He is peaceful, deeply. He is passionate and peaceful and patient. That is why he is joyous. You understand, he owns his knowledge and vision! Nobody can take it away! There cannot be anxiety and worry then! The very concept is impossible! 

M S Subbalakshmi knew too well what she knew and loved. She saw what she had to do. She did it. You see, there is no doubt, no possibility of it at any step! 

That is why such visionaries can face anything. Their courage too is unlimited. In history some died unrecognized –like Van Gogh. But Van Gogh knew what he had done; in ten passionate years he had achieved it! 

A visionary knows the value of life and his work. In that he is happy. Fame, money, position, is secondary and now you understand why their primary love is their work, not fame, money, position . 

The steps to implement one’s vision 

First, commit yourself out of self love, self valuing to true ambition. Tell yourself – “my life is important, I am important and I must live a great life, find life, learn and achieve it. 

Decide upon a career, a field. It could be anything .Trust me. If you have any special something, OK, otherwise decide on something and then stick to it, commit to it and develop a passion in it. 

You must start a process of true learning – asking questions, searching, reading , finding out from people. As you begin to see, truly see and understand, you will develop an interest, a strong one it. 

You go on and reach the end of learning, the light – the principles, the essential in your field. 

At this time, you will see hundred ideas that can be developed and brought into the world. You will fall in love with your vision. 

You start and not worry about success. Your struggle begins in service of your love. 

In time, not too long, you will get your chances, it will spread and spread and you will accelerate 

You will be peaceful and courageous in this whole period because you have seen the value of your vision and you are working, no doubts existing in your mind! 

You go on and on from success to success and reach the end - your vision brought into reality, functioning and benefiting the world. 

Your vision is actually infinite. You go on till the very end from success to success and leave a great legacy creating what was not there before and thousands and millions benefit. 

You will have lived a passionate life – the only true meaning of life.