October 12, 2015




We talked about acquiring knowledge, a real personal, interconnected deep understanding of your field. Real knowledge, true learning leads to a VISION – a clear picture about what you can do in the world. This is the most beautiful, most precious thing in the world . It is this that becomes the source of unlimited energy, enthusiasm and joy. It is this that leads to breath stopping action and work.

Once Pt. Ravi Shankar saw the light in music, once he understood music (not just accepted and repeated) he at once saw what was possible to him! He saw himself composing, rendering music without end! He saw himself on an adventurous journey where he would learn on and on and play on and on !

He had found the secret and knew that no one could take away this from him. It was not money, fame , position that he was seeing In the future. (though he got all these things). He was seeing what he will bring into the world that didn’t exist before, what he would do with the sitar and how he would give the same joy to millions.

Think about this. This kind of feeling of power (it is a great power!) to create great values is that trembling , is the ecstasy , is the laughter!

This is true of all great visionaries. Dheerubai Ambani after learning, truly learning about his area of business saw- as a vision – what he could do for India. He knew and saw and was sure- 100% . That was the root of his communicative ability! HHhh He carried ever body along! It was so clear to him his idea- and so practical and true , he could not remain still , he had to go on and on and on and he crossed all hurdles and achieved his vision !

Think of Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Sunita Williams, Einsten, Henryford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs , M S Subbalakshmi.… all the great visionaries. Their fields were different but all learnt truly and all then saw their path and all were filled with an unlimited energy, passion , excitement and joy.

Who would want anything else if this is possible and real?

Dear reader, this is what happens after you truly learn, this is the creative principle , the very source and meaning of life . Life is nothing but learning and finding one’s clear vision and then making it true.

Now, do you understand, true knowledge is power – literally. It is not some empty, boring, dead thing. Oh no! It is exciting, pulsating with power. It is life itself!

In fact, true learning makes you realize that life is infinite! There are not one but hundred things to do! And you formulate and develop the full, lifelong purpose for yourself.

So obviously that purpose will not be limited. It will be unbelievable big. Ambani’s - “ I will change the face of India “ is a vision . “ I will earn a million “ is only a limited ambition. You understand , a vision is naturally , by its very nature , a big one.

Serena’s and Venus’s father saw his daughter ruling women’s tennis. He actually did. Jawed Habib used hair dressing and turned it into his vision.

A vision can be anything but since it flows from true learning, it encompasses the whole world.

It is unbelievable to ordinary people who are blind to this world. It is clear, simple, obvious, sure and exciting to a man who has seen it to be possible through true learning.

Yes! Learning and vision, knowledge and action are one! They are inseparable. To know, truly know, is to then see its applications, see what is possible and then it is to get excited and passionate, work and work and achieve the vision !

So, once you have finished your learning, you will naturally get hundred ideas of what can be done, the values you would bring into the world. It is here that you find your love ! Your vision, the possibility of what can be done, your new creative idea is your supreme and prime love.

And then you will go on and on, knowing no rest. You will work and work and no one can stop you .

How does one implement a career vision? We will see that in the next section.