February 03, 2016

Past Perfect Tense (DAY-23)

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tenses is used when an event is completed before a certain event. It is past of past!
                              Past                                              Past of past
1.  By the time I went home                               my children had slept.
2.  By the time we reach the theatre,                 the movie had started.
3.  By the time I went to the office,                    my boss had arrived.
4.  I went to the station                                       but the train hadn’t arrived
5.  I went to the market,                                     But the shops hadn’t opened.
6.  I went to my friend’s house in the morning   But he hadn’t got up.
7.  By the time I reach the function                    The guests had left.
8.  By the time I called the post office                It had closed.

Activity – 1
Use the clues and complete the following sentences.

                               Past                                              Past of past
1.  By the time I reach, hospital                          My grandmother, die.
2.  By the time I leave the school                       Non teaching staff leave.
3.  By the time I finish my lunch,                        I get 3 missed calls.
4.  By the time I meet my friend,                       He, has lunch.
5.  I rush, to the stadium                                     But the match, start.
6.  I came out of the theatre                               But the autos, leave.
7.  By the time I got up                                       All my friends in the hostel, leave.
8.  By the time, I go the bank                             The manager, leave.