February 03, 2016

Present Perfect Continuous Tense (DAY-24)

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Present Perfect continuous tense is used for actions which had started in the past and are still continuing now. For example, it is wrong to say “I’m waiting for 4 hours”, because am, is, are should be used only for actions going on now. When there is a PERIOD OF TIME, the tense changes to present perfect continuous tense. It’s structure is

Subject + has been / have been + (V1+ing) + Object


1. I have been working since 1’O clock.

2. He has been talking for 2 hours.

3. We have been typing since morning.

4. The children have been playing in the park for 4 hours.

Note: When the starting time is given, we use “since” and when the total time is given, we use “for”.

Activity – 1

Use the following clues and make sentences in Present perfect continuous tense.

1. He sleep 4 hours.

2. We walk morning.

3. I write for two days.

4. Ravi, live in the US, 10 years.

5. Sita, wash clothes one hour.

6. We cook for the function 10 hours.

7. Children play video games, morning.

8. I teach English, 15 years.