February 02, 2016

Present Continuous Tense – Negative Questions (DAY-4)

Present Continuous Tense – Negative Questions

Now let us learn negative questions.

For negative questions we use negative form of the helping verb.

For present continuous tense

I am not going.

Am I not going?

He is not going.

Isn’t he going?

They aren’t going.

Aren’t they going?

Exercise – 1

Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure.
Am I not teaching well?
Isn’t he coming to school?
Aren’t you buying the dress?
Aren’t they playing cricket?
Aren’t you learning new words?
Isn’t the doctor checking the patients?
Isn’t he chewing the bubblegum?
Isn’t Jayanthi crying?
Isn’t the baby laughing?
Aren’t you using your mind?
Isn’t he kicking the ball?
Isn’t the drill master whistling?
Aren’t they announcing results?
Isn’t Ravi helping Ramu?
Isn’t he shaving?
Am I not writing the book?
Aren’t we waiting for you?
Aren’t you suffering from fever?
Isn’t she watching movie?
Aren’t they clapping?
Isn’t he cheating?
Aren’t they printing the books?
Aren’t you suspecting me?
Aren’t seniors teasing the juniors?
Isn’t he bowing his head?

Exercise – 2

Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure.
You, not, increase, my salary? (Aren’t you increasing my salary?)
we, not, sail, on a boat?
that, not, parrot, talk?
you, not, take, money?
the vehicle, not, move?
she, not, find, anything?
you, not, catch, me?
He, not, talk, loud?
you, not, work, with the computer?
they, not, go, out?
she, not, wash, clothes?
he, not, read, a novel?
revathi, not, wait, for a taxi?
we, not, dine, now?
he, not, do, the homework?
they, not, study?
he, not, cook, the food?
Raju, not, sit, on the floor?
he, not, wear, a sweater?
we, not, listen, to the music?
they, not, run, very fast?
she, not, sing, well?
he, not, do, anything?
the tree, not, shed, the leaves?
you, not, shut, the door?

Exercise – 3

Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.