February 03, 2016

Simple Future Tense – Positive Statements(DAY-16)

Simple Future Tense – Positive Statements

Simple future tense names actions that are going to happen.

I will come to your house tomorrow

I will master English

Ramesh will give me a book today

Tomorrow I will write a test

Exercise – 1

Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure. 

I will come to your house tomorrow.
He will give you the money next Sunday.
They will take the chairs in the evening.
I will play cricket tomorrow.
I will visit the temple in the next month.
I will watch a movie.
He will meet you tomorrow.
We will go to the picnic day after tomorrow.
She will join in this institute next year.
I will double your salary.
She will write the exam.
Srilakshmi will learn Hindi in a fewdays.
I will sign in the register tomorrow.
We will sail on the boat next year.
I will continue my studies.
They will announce the results next week.
I will support you in your all aspects.
You will do this work tomorrow.
I will knit a basket.
I will select a college to study.
They will keep confident on you.
She will run.
They will sow seeds in their field.
He will sit here.
My father will beat me.

Exercise – 2

Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure.
Rani, shake the medicine. 

We, speak with you.
The star, shine, tomorrow with more intensity.
I, spend some money.
He, steal those things.
They, spread their business.
Rajasekhar, ride a horse.
I, get rid of that bad person.
He, make a mistake.
The pune, ring the bell.
He, quit this place.
She, shut the doors.
I, sing a song.
He, spoil your life.
She, wear a new dress.
Indian, win the match.
He, throw the ball.
I, take a chance.
Ravi, sell these flowers.
Our sir, say something.
Sushma, read a book.
I, meet you later.
Mounika, learn tamil.
Harbajan, spin the ball.
I, leave this place.

Exercise – 3

Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.