February 03, 2016

Simple Past Tense – Wh Questions(DAY-15)

Simple Past Tense – Wh Questions


Wh + did / didn't + Subject + V1 + Object


What did you do yesterday? 
Why didn't you come last week?

Where did you come from? 

How did you write your exams?

When did you wake up?

Exercise – 1

Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure. 

Where did you keep the book?
Why did you fail in the exam?
What did he tell you yesterday?
Which movie did you see yesterday?
How did you write the exam?
Where did they go?
What did you think?
How did you come here?
Who killed Ravana?
What did they speak with you?
Why did you accept that proposal?
Whom did you love most?
How did you arrive here?
Why did the teacher punish you?
When did the programme start?
When did our journey begin?
When did you buy the bike?
How did you find the address?
How did you arrive here?
Why did you suspect that man?
What did you say?
When did they put the light out?
Why did you lie?
Who washed you?
Who discovered blood circulation system?

Exercise – 2

Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure. 

Who, invent, aeroplane?
Who, make, the first cellphone?
Whom , you deceive?
Who, complete, the given work?
What, Shahjahan build?
Why, you accept that?
Why, you, pour water on me?
When, the Olympic games start?
What, it contain?
When, you, meet him?
Why, he pinch her?
Why, you slap him?
How, you, tease him?
Why, he marry her?
How, she, handle them?
When, she cry?
Where, you, search?
How much, you pay for that?
Why, he, trouble us?
How, she, sing the song?
Where, you study?
Why, you touch that?
Which sweet, you like?
How, they lose your address?
At what time, the meeting start?

Exercise – 3

Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.