February 03, 2016

Simple Past Tense – Negative Questions(DAY-14)

Simple Past Tense – Negative Questions

Let us now come to simple past tense negative questions.

I didn’t go to the market.

Didn’t I go to the market?

He didn’t go to the market.

Didn’t he go to the market?

They didn’t go to the market.

Didn’t they go to the market?

Exercise – 1

Read the following sentences thoroughly. All the sentences are in the above structure. 

Didn’t you clean the room?
Didn’t you understand the lesson?
Didn’t you have breakfast in the morning?
Didn’t you complete the given work?
Didn’t you meet him?
Didn’t she cook the food?
Didn’t you sleep last night?
Didn’t Shahjahan build Tajmahal?
Didn’t I ride the bike?
Din’t we go to the temple?
Didn’t he write the exam?
Didn’t Raju come to school?
Didn’t he draw the pictures?
Didn’t he prepare well for exam?
Didn’t I pay the money?
Didn’t you bring the luggage?
Didn’t he drink coffee?
Didn’t you read the story?
Didn’t you wait for me?
Didn’t she do her home work?
Didn’t Manasa cook the food?
Didn’t Mohan sit on the bench?
Didn’t you greet him?
Didn’t you hug him?
Didn’t we go to movie?

Exercise – 2

Use the following clues and make sentences in the above structure. 

He not fight with him?
They not tease him?
He not forgive you?
You not invite Harish?
They not speak with you?
Rama not kill Ravana?
Lakshman not follow Rama?
He not listen my words?
She not observe anything?
You not learn computers?
He not teach you?
Eswar not talk with him?
They not perform cultural achievement?
You not visit Tirupati?
He not warn you?
She not wish him?
You not change your behavior?
Jayanthi not sign in the register?
They not know about him?
He not smoke cigarette?
Pavan not tell truth?
You not hear his words?
They not play cricket?
She not wash clothes?
You not eat chicken biryani?

Exercise – 3

Use 10 verbs from the verbs list and make sentences in the above structure.