February 07, 2016



Once there were a monkey and a crocodile. They were best friends. Everyday they met and chatted for hours together in the evening.

One day, as usual the crocodile came to the bank of the river to meet the monkey. The monkey lived on a tree beside the bank of the river.

That day, the monkey had collected many bunches of grapes. As they chatted, they shared the grapes. The grapes were very sweet and delicious.

The crocodile loved the grapes. As he took leave from the monkey the monkey gave him some bunches of grapes to be given to the crocodile’s wife. The crocodile went to his house and gave the grapes to his wife.

Now, the crocodile’s wife was a very mean and cruel woman. She ate the grapes and she totally loved the grapes. Then an evil idea came into her mind. She thought, “if the grapes are so sweet, how sweet the monkey’s heart will be”. She suddenly felt an urgent desire to eat the monkey’s heart.

She went up to her husband and said, “I want the monkey’s heart. He eats such grapes everyday and I am sure his heart sweetest thing in the world. I can’t bear now without eating his heart.”

The crocodile was shocked when he heard his wife. He pleaded, “Please dear, the monkey is my best friend. How can I kill him? Please give up your mad desire.” The crocodile’s wife was furious. She said, “How dare you take the side of the monkey. I will not eat anything until I get the monkey’s heart.”

Actually, the crocodile was a very meek and weak person. He knew that his wife was extremely stubborn and that she won’t leave the matter. Two days passed and the crocodile’s wife didn’t eat anything. The crocodile knew that she will not give up her idea. Finally with a sad heart, he agreed to bring the monkey’s heart.

The next day he moved slowly on the river. He was very depressed and his heart was heavy because he had decided to kill the monkey. He came to the bank of the river and called out to the monkey.

The monkey was glad to see the crocodile. The crocodile said, “Dear friend, my wife has invited you for dinner. Would you please come and climb on my back. I will take you to my house.”

The monkey was delighted. He agreed and climbed on to the crocodile’s back. They moved on the river. The crocodile was silent. The monkey could not understand. He asked, “Dear friend, why are you so quiet today?” The crocodile could not hold back his purpose. He said, “Dear friend, I am a very wretched man. My wife wanted your heart for dinner and she blackmailed me to bring you. I am so weak and I could not resist.”

The monkey was totally shocked. But he quickly thought and said in a casual tone. “Oh my dear friend! You should have told me! My heart is on the tree. I always keep it there. Don’t you know that? There is no problem. I will give my heart and you can take it to your wife. Come lets go back to the tree.”

Now, the crocodile was not only weak but also very foolish. He believed the monkey. They went back to the bank. The monkey jump on to the tree quickly. He said to the crocodile, “You cheat! You had no strength to oppose your mad wife and you are also foolish. My heart has always been with me but is you who has lost it. Never show me your face again.”