February 07, 2016



Once there was a crow and it loved to fly in the sky. One day it was a beautiful morning and the crow began fly in the sky. He flew on and on and it was so immersed in its flying that it didn’t realize how far it had come.

After flying for two hours like this, it suddenly felt very thirsty.

It looked for water around but there was only dry land as far as it could see. The crow began to fly here and there in search of water. It felt extremely thirsty.

Suddenly at a distance, it saw a pot. It flew eagerly to the pot and looked inside. Alas! The water level was very low. It sat at the mouth of the pot very sad. By now it could not bear its thirst.

Suddenly an idea flashed across his mind. It flew pick up a stone and came to the pot and dropped the stone inside. The water level came up a little. He was very excited.

It put another and another and after putting many stones, the water level finally came within the reach of the crow.

It drank the water and it was the sweetest water it had ever drunk.