April 04, 2020



You must ask honest simple questions in your chosen field. (Your choice of profession could be anything, even random, it does not matter ). You must read, struggle, try to ask people. Every book, even a bad one, every person will give you something , you don’t stop, you question further, you search and slowly, I promise you , YOU , your brain will begin to understand , to see patterns, links, principles. You will naturally now be excited. Your field will become precious to you. You will feel powerful. You go on and then –LIGHT! You will get the secrets, the foundations, the principles. You will not know all the details but now you will know the path of your learning, You will know that you can know all the details because the field basically and in essentials is now clear to you.

You will discover the handful of people, first handed professionals in your field, the masters and leaders in your field. You will talk to them, read them, observe them. Yu will suddenly realize you are at a height and there is nobody else. You have become a leader and you will see above all hundreds of possibilities. You will works ceaselessly and every day you will confirm and learn further. You will become better and better! Yes, you will laugh and you will also feel terribly lonely because you will be alone with such a wonderful and precious possession – your knowledge!


So, when you begin learning in your chosen field, remember the following STEPS AND POINTS .

You will have to struggle for some time . This means that you will have to read several books and meet several people in you field. Unfortunately the world yet doesn’t have the book for each field where everything is laid out . Knowledge – as a rule –is in the minds of a few great masters and professionals in each field .

A ‘bad ‘or “ an average’ book will also help you if you read it critically that is carefully . You will get basic information from which you can begin to ask the right questions.

Asking questions is very important. Learning is a process of convincing yourself. If you don’t ask questions, how will you be convinced? How will you reach the end of the process of understanding? Do not accept too easily. You must go on until you really understand, really get it .

You may accept but only for some time. Then you must ask 

How is this true?

Why is this true?

What is the evidence?

Who said it, when and in what context?

(iv) is a good question. It will take you to the history of your field. The historical development is a step by step improvement with new ideas emerging. It can be very illuminating.

Asking questions lead to answers and to further questions and to answers and to still further questions. Knowledge is not isolated but a ‘whole’, that is, knowledge is a linked, interconnected pattern and picture of many things .Real life is not made up of compartments.

The above process honestly carried out with sufficient amount of reading and talking to people is enough. You will get the light – the basics, the principles, the foundations in your field.

From here you are more free. You can think on your own, try out, experiment. At this stage you will be able to come to new conclusions, new ways of looking at your field and a VISION will soon form in your mind .

What is that vision, purpose that comes after learning? How do we implement that vision and have a huge impact on the world? 

True learning naturally leads to a lifelong work that is vision. This will be explored in the next chapter.