April 04, 2020



There are two kinds of ambition. In both types, the individual pursuing the ambition wants to ‘come up’ in life. Both kinds of ambition require energy and hard work. Yet there is a profound difference between the two. 

One kind of ambition is to get a name and respect in the minds of others, in society primarily. 

The second kind of ambition is to enjoy exploring a field and deriving great joy by creative work in the field. 

The first comes from fear that leads to losing one’s courage deep within and then on doing only what society expects us to do and spending a life time in satisfying that expectation. Since the desire is not based on what the person wants, truly wants, he does not derive a satisfaction or happiness finally but feels as if he missed life somewhere. This happens, not in youth but in midlife and usually many people go through this so called mid life crisis. 

But if all lived only a life of compromise and do only average work that is only a routine kind of work, would society survive? If all become mediocre, society will crash, in fact, in one day. This means there are a few , there must be a few who do all the work & create the work for others . 

Yes, such people have always existed in history. It is these people who carry the world forward. It is these people who gave us this magnificent world – scientifically and socially. It is these people who have the vision to see what is possible and achieve it! It is these people who are the real heroes with an extraordinary character and tremendous talent and true joy beating in their hearts. They burn with passion and know no rest! This is the second type of ambitions people and the real workers who create and take the world forward. 

What drives such people? 

Such people are very difficult to understand not because they are complicated but because they are clean, profoundly simple people, basically and at root. 

Such people love their work! More –they are mad about their work. Their work means more than anything else to them –even their true loved ones. Their work is their god and they are slaves, passionate slaves to their work . They are so consumed by their work that they cannot think of an alternative way of life. Take away work from their life and they are dead. That is why they cross all obstacles –for their work. That is why they achieve magnificent success, a little delayed and with unspeakable struggle but eventually. They mean business all the time. They cannot understand the link between ‘friendship’ and work. They despise, even hate those who compromise in their work and do mediocre work. They are merciless and aim at perfection, it is their love and they cannot spoil it. It would be the greatest sin to them. They are, hence, filled with unlimited energy and drive and even patience. They love their work so much that they can wait it out and work. Hence they win because the world needs them. They don’t fight for leadership. They find that they are forced to be leaders, as there is no one else! They are natural leaders. Nobody is around them who can come even close to what they can do. 

Such people control and rule the world. They may earn money, fame, position but it is an inevitable byproduct of their tremendous love. They like all these things but not too much. They know too well what they like and they move the world and are impatient with it . They brush aside the world and are, as a rule, innocent and pure. 

They look different but that is superficial. Inside such magnificent beings are all same. They are mad about their work-100%. 

This is true ambition, true living. What else can be life it not using one’s powers and losing fear completely? What else can be life if not being powerful personally, not forcing others? Life is work and passion and drive. To be human is to be human .i.e. use one’s mind to achieve, not manipulate others and cheat oneself ultimately of life. 

How does one develop such love, such a true unlimited ambition? 

That we will see in the next section