April 04, 2020



First, one must love oneself, i.e. one must value one’s life. We all start our lifelike that. When young nobody says I want to give up life, I don’t want a great life. I want to be loser. 

Your self-esteem must be brought back. I will tell you a secret of life, an open secret which people don’t usually tell you. It is a simple secret. 

You are the most important person in your life! This is a selfish attitude. But notice that it is a basic truth. Your life is important and precious, that means you are important and precious,. You are a value to yourself and hence to others and to the whole world. But then what is you? “You” means your true, honest self not some image of what others think or say about you. “You” means your real, actual self – your thoughts, your feelings. 

Can you start with that –become naked, strip yourself of all pretence and look at yourself? 

No, you don’t have to tell anybody anything. In fact in this context, others don’t count. We are not speaking of them now but you. 

Start from your life, your real self and do not be apologetic, self-critical, or anything. 

Just remember that your life is precious and life means to live (nothing else) and that you have to make that life. 

When you honestly be with yourself and not be tempted by the world’s false and worthless beliefs , you start liking yourself and you start wondering truly what to do with your life 

Simple questions would come to you. What is life? What is a career? What do I want? 

You will get the answers too. I want a great adventurous, exciting life. How? How to get it? 

You will decide one thing naturally. It would be anything and for any reason. It could be even a random reason. But you will commit to a field – one field. 

I will learn and struggle and know and do something important in my field- you will slowly commit. With that decision made you are free, peaceful and happy. You will suddenly realize - I have 30,40,50,60, years. You will realize, yes, I can make a true, great life. 

In that natural decision you will start learning, struggling to know, discover, understand your field. Learning is the core of life. Life means to know, to discover, to learn, to apply learning. It is through that that our love grows without limit. Learning, true learning is laughter. It is the human being unleashing his weapon, his reason, his intellect on to the world. The fire of learning burns forever and impacts on the world like nothing else. It leads to creation of values and that is the profound joy. 

What is involved in learning? That is what we will explore in the next chapter.