March 14, 2021

Master Basic Verbs – Spelling and Usage in Sentences (R )

(12) Master Basic Verbs 
Spelling and Usage in Sentences (R ) 

148. Is it raining? 

149. When will you raise my salary? (future) 

150. When will we reach Delhi? 

151. I realized my mistake. 

152. I received a gift yesterday. 

153. Do you recognize me? 

154. I will record tomorrow at the studio. 

155. I will reduce my weight in 6 months. 

156. Please relax. 

157. Please remind me to go to call him. 

158. Don’t you remember me? 

159. Did. you repair your bike? (past) 

160. Don’t repeat your mistake? 

161. When will you reply? 

162. I requested him to stop smoking. 

163. When will you retire? 

164. When did you return yesterday? 

165. Please rinse the clothes. 

166. The dog is roaming on the ground.