March 14, 2021

Master Basic Verbs – Spelling and Usage in Sentences (S)

(13)Master Basic Verbs 
Spelling and Usage in Sentences (S) 

167. Will you sign the letter? (future) 

168. Sip your tea slowly. 

169. Who spilled the milk? 

170. Stop that vehicle. 

171. Where did you store the pickles? 

172. Please scratch my back. 

173. What are you searching for? 

174. Do not separate them. 

175. When will they serve dinner? (future) 

176. When will you settle in life? 

177. Why didn’t you shave today? 

178. Yesterday she slapped him. 

179. How did you slip yesterday? 

180. Go slow 

181. The boy smashed the window with the cricket ball yesterday.

182. Why aren’t you smiling today? 

183. Do you smoke? 

184. He snores loudly always. 

185. Where do you stay? 

186. When will you start the project? 

187. Please stir the sugar. 

188. Dd you stitch my shirt? (past) 

189. Will they succeed in life? (future) 

190. When will you supply the material? (future) 

191. How did you support your husband? 

192. The police surrounded the terrorists. .(past) 

193. They suspended him. (past)