March 14, 2021

Master Basic Verbs – Spelling and Usage in Sentences (T to Z)

(14) Master Basic Verbs 
Spelling and Usage in Sentences (T to Z) 

194. She talks too much. 

195. Please taste this. 

196. Don’t tempt me. 

197. Tie your laces. 

198. Do not touch this. 

199. Will you train me in Spoken English? 

200. How many days do you travel every month? 

201. Do you type fast? 

202. Please unpack. 

203. When will .will you visit my house? 

204. How long did you wait at the office yesterday? 

205. Let us walk. 

206. What do you want? 

207. The police warned him. 

208. Did you wash your clothes? (past) 

209. Where did you work in 2000? 

210. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. 

211. Please zoom the camera.