March 14, 2021

Master Basic Vocabulary (Verbs) - Spelling and Usage in Sentences-(C)

(3) Master Basic Vocabulary (Verbs) 
Spelling and Usage in Sentences-(C) 

30. Will you calculate the profits? 

31. When will you call me tomorrow? 

32. Do you care about me? 

33. What are you carrying? 

34. I changed my job last month. 

35. Did you check the notebooks yesterday? 

36. Who cheated you in life? 

37. Do you chew pan every day? 

38. Eat slowly, otherwise you will choke. 

39. I am chopping vegetables. 

40. Nobody clapped after the speech. 

41. She cleaned the room nicely. 

42. Will you clip the papers? 

43. Please close the door. 

44. Who coached you last year? 

45. Did you collect the money when you went to his house? 

46. Comb your hair. 

47. Did you communicate to the head office? 

48. Don’t compare your son with other children. 

49. Connect the wire. 

50. Did you complete the work? (Past) 

51. Why don’t you concentrate? 

52. Everybody copied in the exam last Sunday. 

53. When will you correct the papers? 

54. Why are you coughing? 

55. Did you count the number of people? 

56. When will you cover the books? 

57. Yesterday, the plane crashed. 

58. My baby is crawling now. 

59. Cross the road carefully. 

60. Crush the ice. 

61. Why are you crying? 

62. Go to Doctor Narendra. He will cure you.