August 15, 2022



India - culture and call!!

( just a few drops...)

The beauty of Himalayas, Kerala, and Kanya Kumari, and every single region, and every single priceless creation, temples, folk songs, ghazals, shayaris, and especially, the incredible brain, mind , heart and soul, and body mapped Music-dance of India, the sound...reverberations... the energy and still meditativeness... ALL... and more, the deepest free enquiries, the thought that stretched out, boundlessly, and the mixing of all the best, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, islam, giving a unique blending, for long long centuries....ALL this...the sheer variety... 23 languages, imagine, EACH again..with ITS own THING..

ALL this...

Yet ALL this integrating with also, great, real modernity, secularism,

argumentativeness, greatest scientists, technocrats, modern writers,

etc... too many to name, who were first handed blend, of ALL this...

ALL this IS there...can BE heard by ANY body, all evolution of Bio-

centricity that is deeply sublime, true, the CORE of it.

CRIES out to BE heard...

With each person...anywhere...via his /her own eyes, ears, senses,

heart, mind and soul. Really OPEN eyes...and feel this land...deeply

earthy. Divine. Like the Himalayas where from come all rivers and

life...sounds...merging into Oceans all around..

ALL this is truly India.

All this is FREE gift. TO US.

Same with each country. With infinite values in each..

So...SUCH is the WEALTH of the Human Spirit ..AS SUCH, for the

sensitive and discerning.

With great laughter...we move on, and evolve...together...while walking

alone, independently...EKLA CHALO..

TO spread this.

Not ever lapse into pettiness, BY..

Opposing and exposing and teaching, the truth wholly, reforming and

correcting too..


Merge into a Metaphysical ecstasy, which IS you. Me. All. Our real,

natural nature, shorn of illusions, and possessing self knowledge, and

knowledge of the world, integrating both.

Good time to call upon, invoke this truly flaming root principle of life...

Today. our sense of infinitude....