December 18, 2022

How a teacher should be…. WRITTEN AND UNWRITTEN RULES FOR A TEACHER | HOLISTIC EDUCATION FOR A PASSIONATE LIFE!! | A Manual for Teachers, Parents, Educators and Self-Educators


How a teacher should be….


A teacher should be at his best, and strive always to grow and learn.

The school expects each teacher to update his knowledge of English and also his depth of understanding in subject.

This includes his skills in Language and his Subject.

They expect him to appreciate the text book methodology that is activities centric and holistic.

They expect him to be sincere and love teaching.

They want him to always be clear about the fact that the child has rights and he is only a facilitator and not a lord over the child.

They expect him to follow the minimum routine guidelines like syllabus completion, corrections, entries, punctuality, proper dress code and behavioral code..

They expect each teacher to voice his grievances not in private but fearlessly and openly to the management.

They expect all heads, whether curriculum, Principals, HOD's, Coordinators, HM's to maintain the utmost dignity, especially when voicing criticism.

Criticisms should always be on the work not on the person.

It is all about opening your eyes, deriving deep,

Creative satisfaction from sharing that which you have seen,

To open and always be open to learning,

To grow... to bloom...

Without end,

To be happy and enthusiastic and

To look at a child fresh and

See him for what he truly is,

A being so free,

So happy, so willing to learn and grow,

And thus to strive to live up to the

Demands of such a demanding child!!