December 18, 2022


UNIT - 7


The beauty and the wonder of the world

The most beautiful thing is one’s power to see, to grasp, to understand the world.

It is man’s nature, to think, to have the power to understand how the world works.

From the time that man came into being from the ape, evolved and became a man like you and me, he began to wonder when looking at the world that presented itself to him.

Man looked at the twinkling stars, those lifeless things, hanging in the sky in countless numbers and he wondered …

What are those stars . . .

The world, the huge expanse of space and he in the midst of it . . .

He looked at the phenomenon of night and day, the way the sun came upon the east and set on the west, day in and day out . . . with no break, relentlessly and monsoon uniformly. He observed the way seasons came into being, from spring, tomorrow, to winter and the summer and he wondered …

He wondered about the earth too hanging in the wide expanse of space and all things falling on its surface when left free from a height.

He wondered at the pull of the earth that could act with no contact.

He felt the air around but could not see it and he wondered about a thing that exists but can’t be seen …

He wondered about winds and sometimes string winds, like storms. He wondered about the fury of nature.

This man looked at life – plants, animals and himself too and wondered about life itself…the whole mechanism of each plant, animal having learnt to survive.

About himself too, he wondered… Is there a creator, or is man simply another type of species? He wondered about his own capacity to wonder, to think, to grasp and understand things around him…

What does man fear, why is there joy, fear, guilt, jealousy, love – all the feelings?

What are the roots of these feelings? Who is man? What is man? What is man’s life? What is death, just, finishing, or what?

What is the strange uplifting feeding one gets, when suddenly one feeds totally free, when there is nothing to think…..

Man wondered most about man himself, and how he could and should live …..

Step by step, man got the answers … he saw deep laws at work, a deep regularity on things….he understood science by his eyes opening up.

There came many discoveries!! Man understood heal, light, sound, electricity and magnetism atomic structure, reactions, (chemical changes), seasons, earthquakes, volcanoes, formation of mountains, Oceans, winds, formation of earth and the solar system, the birth and death of stars including the sun.

He understood the chemical reactions and processes in the bodies of man/animals and also plants!!

Step by step, man uncovered so many hidden workings in the Universe!!

He understood by implication, the beast in man, the brain washed, grasping man, and out of terror, living with that blind state of mind that believes anything told - a dead, unthinking, unfeeling mind...

Only a man who learns by opening his eyes and becomes aware and conscious is truly educated, and lives in deep joy….





Do you know the answers to the following 100 natural questions...if you are on the road to be the top in your profession!!

If not, know these answers...they would give you the power!!

BUT know the answers really...

YOU should be convinced!!


Find out how the whole world works by getting the answers to the following wonder questions in

History, Physical Science and Natural Science and Geography

Some Hints/leads have been given!! ALSO GOOGLE WOULD GIVE YOU GOOD ANSWERS....


How did the universe come into existence? (Big Bang)

How were all the billions of stars formed? ( Nuclear Fusion reactions)

How were all the billions of galaxies formed?

How did our solar system come into existence?

How was the earth formed and how did it become what it is today?

How did the first life come into existence? (Conditions then led to the formation of life and that was REPEATED in the lab)

How did Evolution bring about the around million kinds of species on earth, each adapted to its surroundings?

How and when did man and woman come into existence?

What was the life and struggles of the early man? ( Nomad, faced the ice age)

When did the early man settle down in one place and why?( Discovered Agriculture)

How did the ancient civilizations come into being?

What was the story of the Egyptian civilization?

What was the story of and specific contribution of the Mesopotomian civilization?

What was the story and specific contribution of the Sumerian civilization?

What was the story and specific contribution of the Ancient Chinese civilization?

What was the story and specific contribution of the Vedic civilization?

What was the story of Judaism?

What is the story of the Buddha and what was his influence?

What were the story and the great contribution of Greek Civilization? (Birth of Philosophy....serious inquiry into fundamental questions....Socrates, Plato and Aristotle...had a great influence on later history and still influences us today....)

What was the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire?

What is the story of Jesus and how and when did Christianity become an official, political power?

What were the dark ages? How was life then?

What is the story of Prophet Mohammad and Islam?

What were the crusades and why did they happen?

What was the renaissance and how did it transform the way the world thought, worked and lived? (re birth of the Greek spirit)

What was the reformation? And why did it happen? (Christianity challenged from within)

What were the roots of the Scientific Revolution? ( Mathematics that was natural and experimentation...father of this Revolution was Newton)

What were the major core discoveries that happened during the Scientific revolution and after in Physics, Chemistry and Biology?

(Our High school syllabus in science!!)

What is the story of the American Revolution and why and how did it happen?

What is the story of French Revolution and why and how did it happen?

What is the story of Napoleon?

Who was Karl Marx and what did he propogate?

What is the story of the Russian revolution?

What is the story of World War-1? Why did it happen?

What was the Great depression?

What is the story of World War-2? Why did it happen?

What was the Cold War? How did the USSR fall?

What are the problems in the world today?

( All these above stories from history are the questions>>.You will love the answers and really wonder and grasp the world too!!)

What does History teach us with respect to those problems?

( if you answer all the above slowly and carefully, you will come o your own actually obvious understanding)


Why don’t things fall in space? Why do things fall on earth?

Why don’t bodies moving in space ever stop?

(Newton's laws of motion)

Why do bodies weigh lesser on the moon and nothing in space? Yet, why is it as difficult to move a body in space as on earth or anywhere?

( Difference between mass and weight)

How do Rockets go up?

( Newton's third law)

Why do the planets go around the sun?

(How does any body go around in a circle? this)

Why do some bodies float and others sink?

( you need to understand the difference between mass and density)

Why do an iron nail sink and a ship made of iron float?

( Same as previous question)

How does a Pressure cooker work?

When do we feel hot and when cold?

( Your hands can deceive you!! Google this question)

What are the 3 ways by which heat is transmitted?

( Conduction, convection and radiation)

What is the difference between heat and temperature?

( It is interesting. please google this)

Why do things become heated when there is friction of any kind?

Why does heating expand substances?

Why do some things become heated more quickly and others more slowly?

How and why does solid become liquid and liquid a gas when heated?

( All the questions connected to heat is rooted in the basic question- WHAT I HEAT?)

Why is a solid, a liquid and a gas each in that particular state?

Why/ how do we hear sound?

Why are some sound loud and other softer?

Why are some sounds at a higher pitch and others at a lower pitch?

How does the ear work?

Why is music pleasant to hear? What is music?

Why and when do we hear an echo?

( ask yourself why can't we see the vibrations and how can such a minute pressure make "sounds" )

What is needed to see things?

Do we see light or do we see because of light?

How do know that light travels in straight lines?

How/ why do we get reflection of light?

Why do we see ourselves in the mirror?

Why can’t we see air/glass?

How do we see colors?

Why does a prism break light into the 7 colors? How do we get a rainbow?

How are mirages formed?

How do microscope and telescopes and spectacles work?

( Light is invisible" Wat does it mean? if you can answer this, you have got the whole concept of light)

How do motors work?

How do generators work?

What are Electro - magnetic waves really?

How do we know that atoms exist?

( Dalton's law of definite proportions was the first lead...THERE IS SOMETHING INSIDE!!)

What is an electron and how was it discovered?

What is a proton and how was it discovered?

What is a neutron and how was it discovered?

How are the electrons distributed in atoms?

What are nuclear fusion reactions and what is happening in the sun?

What s nuclear fission?

What is radioactivity?

What are valence electrons and how do they determine the properties of things?

How/ why do two substances combine in a chemical reaction?

What are acids and bases?

What are metals and non metals?

What are the main processes in plants?

What are the main processes in animals?

What is a cell and how does it function?

What re the core ideas of evolution and mutation?

What is genetics and the function of DNA?


What is the reason for the seasons and also why do the seasonal patterns vary across the earth?

How do we get winds and what are the major large scale winds?

Why do we get earthquakes? What is inside the earth and how do we know that?

Why do we get volcanoes?

How were the oceans, deserts and mountain ranges formed?

How was the moon formed?

Why is the earth tilted?

Why does the earth rotate around itself and revolve around he sun?

What are the time zones and what are they dependent on?