December 18, 2022

RELATING TO THE CHILD | HOLISTIC EDUCATION FOR A PASSIONATE LIFE!! | A Manual for Teachers, Parents, Educators and Self-Educators



There are three aspects to teaching - the proficiency in the language(medium), the mastery of your subject and the third is - relating to the child.

How do you see a child? One of the most remarkable books is Montessori's "Discovery of the child ".

Look at the word here- " discovery". Normally when we see a child, we see him as either a person who needs to be controlled, or a being who is inferior and who needs to be pumped with some information.

That is all most people feel...

But if you look at a child keenly with no prejudice or previously held belief, you open your eyes to that child out there....

You will see an active, restless being. He is actually, naturally enthusiastic, eager to learn. if he could feel that thrill, he would become boundless in working hard. He would be sensitive if he hears a genuine VOICE of feeling silent. He would be in deep attention, if something makes sense to him.

In fact, he is all this and more and this is the deepest, most profound thing to understand that the child is already hungry , that he is naturally ambitious.

Only then we would understand why, we must have a deep understanding of the subject, why we should link it to life and why the subject should actually EMPOWER THE CHILD.

The child is the father of the man - the moments of discovery, of being deeply touched, by the daily lessons, year in and year out over a decade is that base that makes our CHARACTER AND LIFE.

This is the NOBLE task of a teacher - to help the child in flowering and blooming into a beautiful, sensitive, powerful man/woman...