February 28, 2023

TURNING POINTS IN HISTORY | Agricultural Revolution

Agricultural Revolution

Then the first idea came on, he discovered agriculture and he stopped moving and men collected together in small villages and built shelters with whatever the technology they could then think of, houses made of wood and mud and thatched roofs.

Again decades on decades passed and each village formed a language, customs, a head, and even a priest.

The root reason is that man cannot live without certainty, some kind of beliefs, he has this need to know and thus accept that he is NOT in a mysterious world.

Nothing was known then, and he, even in that primitive stage, needed a view of life, an understanding of where he is and what he is.

The priest invented gods, and forces and rituals and man went on. But remember he was a man, he had a mind that could question and discover but it was too early. Life was surely largely tribal, mechanical and routine.