February 28, 2023

TURNING POINTS IN HISTORY | Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Centuries passed and man combined the villages into huge empires along the river valleys, Nile, Tigris -Euphrates, Indus , and the Egyptian among many more.

The Egyptian, Mesopotomian, the Chinese and the Indus valley civilizations or empires came into existence.

Man had to cling together, there had to be leaders and head priests to dictate man’s convictions AND man’s physical survival.

As mentioned earlier, men and women need a kind of Belief system, a way of life.

Force became common, and wars. Man did not know that he needs to live in common understanding and peace.

He was still half brute, half man.

Each civilization went through ups and downs, downs only due to internal or external scramble for power. Man developed a power lust, a blind collectivism, a deep doubt ruling him.

Name, power and prestige are kind of lower level needs. It is largely true, even today.

We will see that, as we go on.

That was the primordial nature of man. So all were alike, but some more flamboyant ruled, others who wanted and let people rule them.

Each civilization thus ended and then man took birth as man in a golden period – the Greek Civilization.