March 01, 2023

THE LIFE AND GENIUS OF AYN RAND | The Vision and Life of Ayn Rand

The Vision and Life of Ayn Rand

It was 1905 and a child was born in Russia , named Alice. Later she would herself change her name to Ayn Rand.

From childhood, Ayn Rand seemed to have been with the power of natural thinking and questioning, wondering and formulating, and generalizing.

That is what she did. Those eyes, prodigious and deep, observed and grasped from books and the momentous historical events causing havoc.

In her very early childhood she discovered her UNIVERSE, the romantic world of super heroic stories.

She responded deeply, as if she had found the fount of life, and she had. She had grasped wordlessly, that THIS is life!!

And she need not and could not then on settle for less.

By the time she was 21 , she had thought out a lot about man and life and philosophy and what she could do in the world-show a vision of man , what can be and ought to be!!

Mercifully she could escape from Russia and in America she found work, love and a life time obsession and career in writing.

The seed of reason and romanticism grew to become a whole Philosophy to live on earth!!

She realized that it was precisely Objectivism that was needed by the world torn in Mind andf body dichotomy, and with falsehoods running amok.

She brought in a sanity into the modern madness of Kant-Hegel and Marx, and the fight is still on.

She took the world head on and solved every single important issue in Philosophy- reason and reality as absolutes and rational self interest as man’s natural moral function and Altruism as amoral.

She defended capitalism as an Unknown ideal,and stripped socialism for the death worshipping philosophy it is , in theory and practice.

She brought in VALUES—thinking, respect for man, glorification of the value of technology, business and money, integrating love and sex, being totally earth bound, and this worldly, profoundly researching and inductive, in love with one’s power to think, create and succeed without limit!!

Who was this woman?

What was her heartbeat?

What did she love?

How could she be so profoundly original?

Yet so simple?

She was and is the greatest enigma in history, and she has ushered in BENEVOLENCE, of a kind Unseen, UNknown, Unexpressed, YET so natural, and real, and ours….

Has she banished darkness or is it that light she has released?